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The Croods

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“The Croods” (PG, 92 minutes, Fox): Think of this as the back story of “The Flintstones,” before that modern Stone Age family got modern. Hunter-gatherers Grug Crood (voice of Nicolas Cage) and his wife, Ugga, don’t live in an amenity-filled house but in a dark, depressing cave. They’re rais…

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Surprising 'Croods' has wit, warmth, first-rate animation

Surprising 'Croods' has wit, warmth, first-rate animation

Skip past the lame title and weary Stone Age premise. "The Croods" is the first pleasant surprise of spring, a gorgeous kids' cartoon with heart and wit, if not exactly a firm grasp of paleontology.

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"The Croods"

"The Croods"

See the movie trailer here.

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