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Sb 1070

Racial profiling alleged in ACLU claim against Tucson Police Department

The promised string of legal challenges to how law-enforcement agencies are applying Arizona’s immigration law, SB 1070, is under way.

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ACLU seeks to block Arizona effort on SB 1070 provision

ACLU seeks to block Arizona effort on SB 1070 provision

PHOENIX — Attorneys for immigrant rights groups asked the U.S. Supreme Court today to rebuff a last-ditch attempt by the state to start prosecuting people for harboring those not in the country legally.

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Tucson surpasses Phoenix in donations to defend SB 1070

About 45,000 donations from every state in the country — and a handful from outside the United States — brought in $3.8 million to the legal-defense fund Gov. Jan Brewer created in 2010 to defend SB 1070.

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Police checked immigration status even before SB 1070

Police checked immigration status even before SB 1070

Law-enforcement officers along the border approached and detained people suspected of recently crossing into the country illegally even before Arizona’s tough new immigration law.

March 05, 2014 12:00 am Photos


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Federal, local tasks blur along border

Federal, local tasks blur along border

There was a time not long ago when the Border Patrol thanked Arizona officers for their cooperation with barbecues and practice ammunition. Now, departments get millions a year in paid overtime, with some officers nearly doubling their salaries and dozens more marked cars out patrolling the streets.

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Economic dip coincides with SB 1070

Economic dip coincides with SB 1070

Arizona’s controversial immigration law took effect when the state was in the worst part of the recession, so gauging the economic impact is no small task.

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About Tucson immigration checks

Tucson police dispatchers fill out a form each time an officer requests an immigration check. The Star reviewed 2,030 forms completed in July and August and shared the findings with TPD Chief Roberto Villaseñor.

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Being turned over to Border Patrol doesn't always mean deportation

A call from local police to the Border Patrol does not necessarily lead to a deportation.

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SB 1070 enforcement varies widely across the state, survey shows

Last summer, the Arizona Civil Rights Board sent a survey about SB 1070-related policies to the 134 law-enforcement agencies in the state, and 34 agencies responded.

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Maricopa County forced to make changes

On Oct. 2, a U.S. district judge permanently blocked Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office from continuing with several practices related to its immigration enforcement and required radically improved record keeping.

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Lax record-keeping blurs SB 1070 impact

Lax record-keeping blurs SB 1070 impact

SB 1070 was supposed to standardize local immigration enforcement across Arizona.

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Lawmakers approve funds for SB 1070 defense

PHOENIX — Saying they were protecting the legislative process, the House and Senate voted along party lines Thursday to hire a lawyer to help them fight subpoenas over the state’s controversial 2010 immigration law.

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Senate committee votes to cover SB 1070 legal costs

PHOENIX — Senate Republicans took the first steps Tuesday to having taxpayers pick up the legal tab for current and former lawmakers who are fighting subpoenas over their private emails related to immigration legislation.

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Lawmakers want public funds to defend SB 1070 challenges

PHOENIX — Republican legislative leaders are moving to use taxpayer funds to pay the legal fees of current and former lawmakers whose personal emails have been subpoenaed in the ongoing legal fight over a 2010 immigration law.

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Brewer asks Supreme Court to allow expanded SB 1070 enforcement

PHOENIX — Gov. Jan Brewer is asking the nation’s high court to let Arizona enforce a 2010 law making it a crime to knowingly transport or harbor illegal immigrants.

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City tweaks SB 1070 enforcement policies

Tucson police officers got new orders from the City Council on how to enforce SB 1070.

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Councilwoman Regina Romero: Tucson police shouldn't ask immigration status of crime victims, witnesses

Recent community protests and last month’s 9th U.S. Circuit Court ruling striking additional sections of SB 1070 have brought Arizona’s infamous “papers, please” law back into the public spotlight. How we address this issue affects the security of our city and future opportunities for Tucson…

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SB 1070 takes another hit

PHOENIX — A federal appeals court on Tuesday ruled Arizona cannot enforce yet another provision of its controversial 2010 law aimed at illegal immigration.

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