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Resources available to homebuyers, no matter what they're looking for

Whether you buy a turn-key home or one that's in need of a little tender loving care, every owner will add bits and pieces to make their new house into their new home.

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Housing even stronger in 2014

Realtors and economists are quietly optimistic 2014 will be a good year for the national real estate market, finally ending the roller coaster highs and lows of the last decade.

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Thinking smart could help buying rental property

Buying investment property isn't as easy as it used to be.

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Key to quick sale: Get your home in move-in condition

Key to quick sale: Get your home in move-in condition

If you're trying to sell your home, be aware that grabbing a would-be buyer's attention begins the moment they drive up.

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Water supply focus of court fight over proposed Sierra Vista development

Water supply focus of court fight over proposed Sierra Vista development

PHOENIX — Arizona’s management of the San Pedro River, water rights and development went on trial here Monday.

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Energy audit can be a great way to save money

Energy audit can be a great way to save money

For many homeowners, a good energy audit can be the key to finding and fixing problems with wasted energy in a house, even as the recommended improvements deliver threefold benefits -- in cost, comfort and environmental sustainability -- for home residents.

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What projects add value to my home?

When remodeling or preparing to sell your home, getting the biggest return on your investment is not always easy to figure out. Deciding what project, budget and scope of work are all things that will determine what value or return you will get from the project.

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15 common interior design and decorating mistakes

15 common interior design and decorating mistakes

Designers see many of the same decorating don'ts over and over in people's homes. The mistakes often stem from a fear of making a design mistake in the first place. We consulted with designers in the American Society of Interior Designers Missouri East chapter to find out how to prevent deco…

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Finding the right agent means more than the right price

Some people pick a real estate agent who promises to sell a home at the highest listing price. Others select an agent who offers a cut-rate commission.

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Staging and pricing -- two parts of a successful home sale

Staging and pricing are two key aspects of selling a house quickly, with the maximum amount of cash left for the buyer. Home staging can nudge a home’s price upward while making the sale faster.

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Checklist: Choosing a home security system

Steps to Choosing a Home Security System

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Home security systems a safe bet

When it comes to home security systems there are many choices available. With technological advances in the industry, more options are soon to come.

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Soft patterned carpet, exotic hardwoods and luxury vinyl: Today's hottest trends

The hottest flooring trends are high-definition luxury vinyl with a wood or stone look, exotic hardwoods and soft textured patterned carpet, said Gina Bonk, sales person and designer at Cedar Lake’s Banter Floors.

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Five repairs experts recommend to protect your home

A home is one of the largest investments homeowners make in their lifetime. How can homeowners protect that investment?

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Transitional kitchen design popularity growing

The popularity of transitional kitchen design is growing, said Barbara Biernat, owner of Barbara B Builder LLC.

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Choosing the right flooring

The feeling and a mood of a home changes with whatever lies underfoot. Choosing the material for a home's bedrock layer depends heavily on the personality of the homeowners.

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Sellers should consider 'bang for the buck' in remodeling plans

Sellers should consider 'bang for the buck' in remodeling plans

Sparkling new kitchens and spa-like master bathrooms still sell homes, but homeowners looking for the best return on investment should more often consider minor updates that won’t break the bank, real estate experts say.

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10 ways to update your home's curb appeal

Curb appeal is a home’s sex appeal.

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Adding to your house shouldn't drain your pocketbook

When it comes to building a house, one of the goals of new homeowner is to find ways to stretch a dollar. And no one knows that rule better than the volunteers at Habitat for Humanity.

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Build or buy: There is no right answer

With both new construction and existing sales on the rise across the country, the question for many potential homeowners has become whether to build new or buy an existing home. Realtors say there are benefits to both and the choice really depends on the individual’s needs.

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