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Personal Service with Exceptional Quality

Top Choice Roofing LLC

2410 West Ruthauff Road St 110L , Tucson, AZ 85705


Business Overview

Top Choice Roofing provides excellence in quality roofing services, specializing in insurance claims for roofing repair and maintenance. We provide professionalism and attention to detail. Our extensive knowledge of residential and commercial roofing materials as well as our background in helping clients with insurance claims, results in highly satisfied customers.

Top Choice Roofing Advantages

☼ Complete tear-down to the roof decking
☼ Synthetic underlay used on all jobs in place of felt
☼ Ice & water shield used in all valleys, roof-to-wall areas, and around all penetrations
☼ Most jobs completed in a single day
☼ Over 30 years experience in roofing and construction.

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