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Dan Starr, Keyboard Instruction & Performance

4839 E. 4th St. , Tucson, AZ 85711


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This site is dedicated to encouraging you to MAKE music, not simply listen to it. I make my living as a “music consultant” – that's a person who recommends music as an effort. Why should you bother?

Everyone, NOT just the young, should learn new things. It can assist in keeping age at bay!

Now there are many ways to learn new things, but one of the most fun and gratifying is to learn play most of your favorite music on some instrument.

As a keyboardist, I recommend you do that using a keyboard. It's very quick that way, and you don't need forever to learn to do it. However, some folks play other things and that's okay, too. I can help you, whatever your instrument. I'm a “music consultant.”

My name is Dan Starr and I'm a Local. Actually, I'm a native of Tucson, Arizona. I'm a professional keyboardist, as well as an instructor. I want to convince you to learn how to play as a NON-professional. It's easy and fast that way. However, as I personally tailor what I teach to each person and I don't know you (yet!), you'll need to email or phone me and let me know what problems you have.

Call me at 520-869-5466 or email: danstarrorg410@gmail.com.

Visit my website at www.danthekeyboardman.com

Dan Starr, Keyboard Instruction & Performance

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