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Civano Nursery

5301 S Houghton Rd , Tucson, AZ 85747


Fax: 520-722-4777

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Recipe for Civano’s Quick & Easy Eggplant

This is a great side dish that even my seven year old daughter loves.



One large eggplant

1 jar of your favorite pasta sauce

Parmesan cheese


Cut the eggplant in slices about ½ inch thick

Placed on a cookie sheet

Spread a generous amount of pasta sauce on each one

Sprinkle with parmesan cheese

Bake at 365 for approx. 10 minutes

For the gardener out there just remember that eggplant is very easy to grow in our climate and a very versatile vegetable. This is great served with a steak and a little side salad.

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Recipe for Civano’s Mums Mint Potatoes and Peas

Thanks to my Mum, eating this dish brings back fond memories. Picking the peas from our vegetable garden and being sent back out to get more because I had eaten most of them on the trip back to the kitchen. Served along side with a roasted chicken, so good.



24 new or fingerling potatoes

3 cups of sugar snap peas

2 tbsp shredded fresh mint

2 tbsp butter

¼ tsp each salt and pepper


In a steamer basket, cover and steam potatoes for 10 minutes.

Add peas; cover and steam until potatoes are tender and peas are tender crisp, about 5 minutes.

Transfer to a serving bowl, add mint, butter, salt and pepper toss to coat.

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How to get your children involved in the garden

Civano Nursery can help you get the best family experience out of your garden!


When you plant your garden, try to make a space where your child is free to experiment and grow things. From an early age, children can be involved in the cycle of the year, from planting seeds indoors or in a cold frame in the early spring and transplanting the seedlings to the garden when the danger of frost is past, to tending the garden and watching the fruits and vegetables grow, all the way to harvest. For young children, there is something marvelous about going out to the garden and bringing in a basket of lettuce, scallions and tomatoes that they helped to grow — getting children to eat vegetables is rarely a problem when they have grown, picked and washed them themselves.

Don’t forget to include fragrant herbs in your garden. The aroma of fresh basil, fennel and sage should be part of your child’s memories of childhood. The fact that they can be picked and eaten, add color, scent and flavor to your food, is yet another benefit.

If you don’t have a family garden, consider window boxes or create a container garden. With the right soil, watering and a sunny location, you can raise an amazing amount of produce in a small space — strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, beans and herbs are all easy and convenient to grow. One of the greatest advantages of container gardening is that it puts the garden at a perfect level for small children.


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