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October 12, 2013 12:00 am

Traffic-stop protest was unwise

Re: the Oct. 10 article “Crowd scuffles with Border Patrol, cops.”

The SB 1070 protest concerning a traffic stop on the south side of Tucson was unfortunate in that the enforcement of an Arizona law led to a confrontation with citizens and law enforcement. Whether or not you agree with the law, the protests by the Corazón de Tucson organization will eventually lead to someone getting hurt since this type of unmanaged protest cannot be controlled. Finally, I wonder how Agustín Reyes can drive without ever having an Arizona driver’s license and any auto insurance. Auto insurance rates in Arizona are among the highest in the country due to the actions of people like Reyes.

Terry Anderson

Insurance consultant, Tucson

Ted Cruz cartoon

mean and vindictive

Re: the Oct. 7 editorial cartoon by Rob Rogers.

Imagine the outcry and calls of racism that would have come from the left if the Rob Rogers editorial cartoon had a caricaturization of Barack Obama instead of Ted Cruz as King Kong climbing the Washington Monument.

These dehumanizations are the same tactics that were used against George W. Bush when he was constantly compared to a chimpanzee and worse. It also demonstrates the dearth of any original thinking coming from the liberal left and the “waste stream media.”

You need to learn that being mean, nasty and vindictive in both the printed word and in cartoons is not the same as having a sense of humor. When we on the right laugh at you on the left, it’s not because you’ve said anything clever or witty but because you’ve done a terrific impression of the Three Stooges, slipped on a banana peel and face planted in front of us all. This cartoon was one of those face plants.

James Zielbauer

Retired firefighter, Green Valley

Dominant males are under attack

Where have our leaders gone? Leadership skills are being taken away from our young males as dominance is often being mistaken for bullying and misdiagnosed and punished by laypersons, such as our educators. The confusion this creates in those males I believe leads to all sorts of societal ills, and is not unlike punishing a person for being gay or spanking them for being a left-hander.

Leadership is not something to punish because you are a liberal educator who detests dominant males, a natural state, and that is happening today. Leaders are born such and our society should recognize and nurture that natural state, not punish it! Being a dominant male is under attack and that is not good. Not all guys fit in pink dresses and that should be understood and nurtured as much as those that do!

Bill Heath

Local business owner, Tucson

Copper mine

would ruin waterways

Re: the Sept. 25 guest column “Carefully consider lasting effects of copper mine on waterways.”

There are so many things going on in our world that leave many of us shaking our heads and thinking, “what will it take to get people to understand this?” Add to that list Paul Green’s guest column about the lasting effects a copper mine will have on our waterways.

Is it possible that profits — foreign profits at that — will be allowed to destroy something as basic as our drinking water? How can that be? As Green states, “We have no idea how to replace or restore the many destroyed springs and seeps that would result. They will be gone forever.”

Forever. As in “never to return.” A fairly significant issue that should be the concern of everyone living in the Tucson area.

Marsha Badanes

Retired attorney, Vail

Ban drivers’ use

of handheld devices

Re: the Oct. 10 article “Cyclist treats crash as teachable moment.”

This is a very good article and I would add to watch out for motorcyclists as well. We are also very vulnerable. What really needs to happen is a law to outlaw using handheld devices while driving. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen folks driving and texting. In California, there are large signs everywhere saying look out for motorcycles. Perhaps we can do something like that here for bikes and motorcycles.

Helen Wilson

Graphic artist, Tucson

Fitz got it right: Bisbee’s a treasure

Re: the Sept. 21 blog post “With a mother lode of eccentrics, Bisbee’s a better-than-average place to get by.”

I love David Fitzsimmon’s cartoons but his blog is almost better! Fitz hit on target when he wrote about Bisbee as one of Southern Arizona’s treasures.

No, that’s not how he said it, but to many of us who are of the “silver pony-tailed populations,” Bisbee is a great place to visit or to live. I really appreciate Fitz’s take on the world. Both in his cartoons and now in his blog. Keep it up Fitz, you are one of our gems!

Sandee Brooke

Retired, Tucson

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