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October 13, 2013 12:00 am

Congress should start

tackling real problems

Re: the Oct. 6 column “Just hypothetically, can Congress try reason?”

The discussion around health reform needs to be framed differently. Because certain House Republicans decided to tie government funding to delaying the Affordable Care Act, hundreds of thousands of federal workers are still have been furloughed and essential “nonessential” programs are still shut down. A “clean” continuing resolution to fund the government has already received public, bipartisan support, but Speaker John Boehner is refusing has refused to allow a vote.

Meanwhile, thanks to Obamacare, Arizonans with pre-existing conditions or whose jobs didn’t offer health insurance can now choose from more than 100 qualified health plans—all of which include essential health benefits. Rather than issuing vague ideological demands, why not restore government — both physically and metaphorically — by coming together to end the shutdown and discuss specific concerns?

This shouting match is tiresome and embarrassing. Our legislators should be working work on propose concrete solutions to solve concrete problems, not needlessly create new ones.

Yuan He

Medical and public health student, Tucson

Fresh leadership needed at Sunnyside

Re: the Oct. 9 column “Sunnyside’s ‘LegalShield’ involvement is troubling.”

It is disheartening to see that historical improvements in the way our nation’s governmental systems operate cannot filter into our school board system.

Out of the blue, the term “Tammany Hall” came to mind when reading Tim Steller’s column. I don’t know why, after all these years since graduating from high school, this popped into my head. So I looked it up online. Amazing how things seem to come full circle sometimes.

Why is it that Sunnyside leadership has been focusing on defending the skeletons in the collective closet.

Wouldn’t it be nice if, instead, we could start afresh with new, top-to-bottom Sunnyside school district leadership? That way we, as a community, can move forward and focus on what’s best for our children.

Many other organizations’ leaders have historically done the brave and correct thing and resigned when it is evident confidence has been lost. Particularly with the many detractors that have been coming up related to the entrenched majority.

Surely we can do better.

Jose Hernandez

Retired, Tucson

We should rediscover our passion for freedom

Re: the Oct. 10 article “Brewer: Killing health law would cripple state.”

Gov. Brewer’ s assessment of our state’s dependency on the federal government should be a wake-up call to all citizens of Arizona and the nation.

If the loss of federal dollars for this program or any program would cause a “calamity, devastate the state budget and make it impossible to fund our obligations,” we have lost our freedom.

We have been reduced to beggars wringing our hands in despair. We exchanged our liberty for security, and now we have neither. God help us to renew our heritage and passion for freedom.

Leigh Anne Thrasher

Office manager, Tucson

Consider a ban

on GOP ideology

Egypt is considering banning the Muslim Brotherhood because of their ideological commitment to Islamist tenets. The United States should consider banning the Republican Party because of their ideological commitment to lunacy.

Jim Dreis

Author, Tucson

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