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January 12, 2014 12:00 am

Charge the gun owner when a child is shot

I have read too many times about young children picking up a gun and pulling the trigger, sometimes with tragic results.

I realize how devastating this can be for family members, particularly when a death occurs, but I believe legislation should be enacted to hold the gun owner responsible by charging them with manslaughter. This might encourage irresponsible owners to be more diligent in securing their weapons.

Jack Walters

Retired, Tucson

Don’t use tax dollars for private schools

Re: the Jan. 7 article “Voucherlike program being proposed for all Ariz. students.”

Wonderful, another nail in the coffin of public education in the United States. I do not want one penny of my tax dollars going to either Catholic schools or any other private school.

How do I opt out of my tax dollar going to a voucher instead of to public education? Shall I just stop paying? What is wrong with these people? Why do they want to destroy public education in Arizona and the United States?

Geraldine Jameson

Retired, Tucson

Thanks from squadron for free lunch at BJ’s

On Jan. 8, members of our small squadron from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base were having a special lunch out at BJ’s Brewhouse to celebrate the visit of a colonel from another base.

We were stunned, then delighted to find out an anonymous person in the restaurant had paid the bill for all nine of us! This had never happened to anyone at the table before. So, to the kind person or people who paid our bill — your generosity and support is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Mary McFarland


Use money on potholes, not the streetcar

Wouldn’t our tax dollars be better spent fixing the potholes in our streets rather than frivolous projects like the “modern streetcar,” which benefit only a few?

Tire-busting potholes are all too evident in many areas. Is the lack of pothole repair sponsored, perhaps by local tire dealers?

It’s a sorry state we present to visitors and residents.

Mike Keville

Retired, Tucson

Sens. McCain, Flake

did the right thing

Re: the Jan. 7 letter to the editor “McCain, Flake wrongly backing a Dem agenda.”

The letter writer complains that Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake voted for the budget while we applauded them. At least here in Arizona we have senators with common sense who have the guts to do the right thing once in awhile. Not all Republicans bend to the will of the tea party. Some have integrity.

Rose Soto

RN, Tucson

It’s true: CPS does fail to investigate all cases

Re: the Jan. 10. article “CPS failed to investigate 875 Pima cases, records show.”

That’s true, they do fail to investigate all the cases. I lost my kids to them in 2010. I had done nothing wrong, never did drugs or drink or beat them — ever. But once they are in the system, they never come out.

CPS needs to look more into people before just taking their children. When you fight for your children for three years and never see them again, there is something wrong with their system. I hope you all will investigate them a little bit more.

Nicole Musser


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