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August 18, 2013 12:00 am

Drastic action needed to prevent poverty

The poverty series was very well done and very much needed. Poverty is a huge problem and here are some proposed solutions:

Revamp the education system — appropriate salaries for teachers, vocational training and free college education to those willing and able to succeed.

Sex education should begin early, and birth control pills, morning after pills and abortions should be available to everyone at no cost.

The welfare system needs to be changed so that those who need full support are given adequate assistance, those who are able to work are given limited coverage and the working poor are given help.

Free medical and dental care for everyone.

Raise the minimum wage to provide a living wage.

It is not difficult to come up with reasons for not doing everything on this list, but this is a serious problem and it will take drastic changes to solve it.

Craig Littlefield

Retired engineer, Tucson

Temp workers are ready

to help out Washington

Congress is taking off the month of August. Many organizations hire temps to cover for vacationing employees, so I say we the people, as Congress’ employer, do the same.

I have no doubt that among the ranks of the unemployed and underemployed in America today there are easily 535 individuals who are qualified (more likely over-qualified) to step in and get a lot accomplished by the end of the month. And I’m sure they’d greatly appreciate the salary and benefits. I have been out of work for over a year. I’ll be happy to be the first temp assigned.

Katherine Wesolowski


Sexual attitudes

too permissive today

The change in society’s attitude is shocking. Ages ago, sexual deviates — including those accused of infidelity — were hanged. Marital cheating was a crime. More recently, they were shown compassion and offered medical and psychological treatment. Today, they are running for public office and oft times winning. How revolting!

Gwen Niemi

Retired, Tucson

Tucson can’t afford an extra $50 million

Tucson voters will decide in the November election whether to approve a $50 million increase to what the city can spend in a given year. I cannot spend more money than what I know I have coming in without going into large debt, therefore I must plan on what I can purchase within my income and what I want but must let go. Why shouldn’t the city do the same?

Kyle E. Casell Sr.

Retired, Tucson

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