Andrea Dalessandro

Andrea  Dalessandro


  • NameAndrea Dalessandro
  • Party Affiliationdemocrat


Office: State Representative, Legislative District 2
Age: 65
Employer: Retired CPA and teacher
Education: Bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in mathematics education from the City University of New Jersey, MBA in professional accounting from Rutgers University
Political experience: Run twice in legislative district 30, precinct committeewoman, state committeewoman
Top priority: Attracting jobs and an educated workforce to Arizona

How would you use your position as an elected official to help businesses create jobs in Southern Arizona? I have already started speaking, to anyone who will listen, that southern Arizona is a safe, beautiful culturally diverse area with a long and rich history. The inaccurate rhetoric spewed out by politicians hurts business, especially small businesses, tourism and real estate. Demand generates economic growth. We must work together to promote increased demand by attracting people to our region.

Should the qualifications for Medicaid or AHCCCS be broadened to make more people eligible? Yes. We must comply with the voters wishes and take full advantage of the funds available to us from the Affordable Healthcare Act.

If you were in a position to vote on SB1070, would you have voted for or against it? Against. I expect that we will waste money on defending the one part of it that has not been ruled unconstituional.

In a world of finite resources, what if anything would you be willing to cut to better fund education? Private prisons and cut any entitity that is inefficient.

Should local government fight to keep the Rosemont Copper Mine out or encourage the company to stay? Out.

What is the most important issue in your race? Attract more good paying jobs with an educational system to support our economic growth.


Race District Election Year Election Level Election Type Win
Arizona House District 2 Democratic primary 2nd legislative 2012 State Primary
Arizona House District 2 District 2 2012 State General

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